The angle grinder created a major buzz in the workplace when it was developed in the middle of the 20th century. This power tool could do it all cut grind and polish metal or stone just change the disk or brush attachment to match the job and work it’s done automatically with numerous attachments available. The angle grinder could be equipped for many different jobs that makes it one of the most useful things on any job site. Making an angle grinder starts with these blocks of pure aluminum fired in a furnace the aluminum melts into a liquid form the factory cast the molten aluminum to create your housings. A robot transfers one of the gear happens to a milling station and then retrieves the finished part. The door of the Machine closes and a computerized cutter carves threads into the center bearing seat and generally improves the profile of the part.


Next up is the rotor for the electric motor an automated system pushes special cardboard and discs onto the rotor shaft. The part on the right is equipped within the disks the system balance all the part called the collector on one made of copper and plastic. The collector will transmit power to the rotor and ensure that the grinding polishing attachment can turn.


The part on the right has had the collector and adult spinning arms wine copper wire into grooves in the rotor at both ends. The wire will serve as an electromagnet and maximize power output moving forward. The system inserts covers into slots in the rotor wall they both in select a rotor and stabilize. The copper coils spitting devices wrapped copper wire around each half of the stator. The stator create the electromagnetic field around the road a robot puts the two halves of the stator together in a fixture and wells make the assembly permanence.


Over to an injection-molding machine mail it forms plastic into outer casings for the grinder. A robot transfers the casing to a platform for printing this datapad silver a to the embossed company logo getting a greater visual field a worker then slide the plastic housing over the stator at a pneumatic machine press with the two together. The worker then wires the on/off switch for the angle grinder the gear housing has by now but equipped with the drive and break and installed the gear system on one end of the rotor then insert the rotor assembly in the stator. An automated system screws everything together to complete the angle grinder motor.

A novel filled the gearhead with grease, a worker places the spindle of safety clutch over the gearhead and a mechanized system screws in place then wires the electrical plug to the angle grinder motor. Encloses the electrical wiring with the plastic cover they likes to cover in place with screws using a metal template to aid in their placement this angle grinder is now ready to undergo quality control tests. This one depresses the angle grinders switch while a computerized system analyzes the motors performance if it passes all the tests the angle grinder is ready to take a chunk out of someone’s work look.


This household item is something you might take for granted but can you imagine life without it the toilet a shining sculpted marvel manufacturing. The first public restrooms appeared in ancient Rome when the Emperor Vespasian’s built latrine such public urinals became widely known as best as vespansians by 1840 in 1775 the invention of a water flush system created toilet somewhat resembling today’s convenience to evolve and slice and were added in 1784 and the septic tank in 1896. The toilet is an everyday object whose application requires several days of work it involves assembling several mold called tools each new product requires the design of a master plaster mold from which they will produce a plastic tool. Ladder will be used to create plastic duplicates uses production war.

Plaster production mold of the toilet is made from six different tools which have to be assembled their lifespan is only two months and process begins with a mixture of water and plaster according to a precise recipe. The liquid is poured into filling hole of the tool once the plaster hardened they can proceed with unmolding. They strike the end at the junction of the plaster mold and the tool with a rubber hammer so as not to damage the cluster. The pieces are gently assembled. The toilet softly takes shape it’s in the same mold that they will later color the climax then they install tensioning straps little blocks are inserted between the mold and the straps to increase the tension the mold will soon be filled with liquid and they must prevent any distortion here in new recipe is being prepared. This time it’s a slurry the composition of clay and silica. This preparation is spread out over 48 hours. Now they install the core the other part of the mold they can out recede with the filling this copper distribution pipe connected to the tank containing the slurry permits the filling of several molds at a time.

They need about 20 kilos of the mix per mold after an hour the slurry has attained a thickness of one centimeter. The plug is pulled to allow the excess slurry to run out. They can now unmold the still-fragile piece. This sticker slurry is used to adhere the two pieces together.

They cut a hole and unmold the ensemble. The toilet is now molded. Then to obtain a perfect appearance they removed. The little phillips formed by the surplus at pieces slurry. The toilets air-dried for 36 hours then in a warm air dryer for 12 hours. Finishing must be impeccable they carefully sand the surface to make it perfectly smooth a vacuum draws up the depth then with a jet of compressed air dust and debris are blown away. Bowls are hand painted in a special room, as for the water tanks they’re painted by an automated robot.

Truck carries the different parts to the final fabrication stage baking. The toilets remain in this oven at the very high temperature of 1176 degrees centigrade for 23 hours it takes this long to fuse the clay and silica to paint them becomes hard and shiny.

The game of paintball was a cross between tag hide-and-seek and capture the flag. You try to steal the other teams flag and eliminate your opponents with an air gun that shoots an exploding paint capsule called a paintball paintballs are made entirely of non-toxic food grade ingredients to make it a hollow shell. First pour water into a giant heated mixing bowl they add a sweetener and a secret combination of food ingredients. The company won’t divulge then finally the key ingredient that gives the shell its shape gelatin the kind used to make gummy bears. They melt and mix everything for a half an hour then line it up for what they call the drop transferring the gel from the mixer into a heated that called the gel tote they filter out any gloves that didn’t melt once the gel is securely in the tote they lower in a giant blender. They pour in food dye and blend for about 20 minutes don’t elsewhere in the factory they use the same method to dye what’s called the fill. The paint that goes inside the shell of the paintball it’s made of polyethylene glycol the inert liquid and cough syrup they thicken it with crayon wax the gel and Phil meet their maker in what’s known as the feed room. Here the vats of gel and feel feed a cancellation machine one floor below this machine is the same kind used to make bath beads and gel cap medicine first the machine spreads out the gel onto a cool drum.

This creates a continuous thin sheet of gel called a gel ribbon this cooling cures. The gelatin to the point where can now be molded into the hollow shell of the ball the Machine presses the gel ribbon into a die with half circle pockets each forming one half of a ball shell. The machine does the next three steps in one shot it aligns the two half-shells together to form a hollow ball injects the fill then seals the two half-shells together. These newly minted paint balls are still quite soft though if they’re not dried out they lose their shape. So they fall down onto a conveyor then roll into atumble dryer from here they’ll go on to a bakery style rack until they dry out completely to make duel colored paint balls they use the exact same process but feed two colors of java ribbon into the capsulation machine one color for each half of the shell. The finished paint balls go through an automatic counting machine this one is set to count out and packaged 200 balls at a time.

Manufacturing this messy ammunition is a paint staking process but well worth the effort to the millions who love the game of paintball invented just 15 years ago. It’s caught on in more than 40 countries worldwide and it’s not just for kids more and more companies are booking paintball outings for their employees to help build teamwork.





External Hard Drives are a portable storage device that can be attached to a computer through a USB or firewire connection or wirelessly external hard drives. Typically have high storage capacities and often used to back up computers or so as a network drive people who are always on the go sometimes, lazy to carry the entire laptop and they prefer carrying something which is comparatively small in size and if you’re one of them. You have come to the right place review your five external hard drives that have been the best amongst the ones we have checked. So let’s get into it without any delay number five on the list transcend Storejet 25 m 3 2.5 inch 1tb portable external hard drive.

You can transport all your important files which is using the transcend 2.5 inch 1tb external USB 3.0 hard this it’s equipped with super speed USB 3.0 interface which let you transfer files and documents with blazing speed drive. Has two key benefits first is the shock resistance it is designed to meet the drop test standards demanded by the US military. There is a silicon shell on the outside as well as more standard casing and Tampa tech around the actual trial second is one touch backup feature. A nice boners and it adds to a light bulb package for the price the hard drive support Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.



Number four on the list is WD my passport ultra the portable hard drive features WD smart we’re full backup software that lets you backup to the drive itself or use drop box to backup to the cloud. You can move files quickly with blazing speed of USB 3.0 connectivity and you can also keep your data private with password protection and hardware encryption it also has shocked children. Mac users will need to reformat the drive as it is formatted for FTS out of the box the drive offers up to TV and comes with USB 3.0 connectivity.

The third one on the list is Toshiba and your basics the portable hard drive diverse one of the easiest ways to add storage to your computer. They offer plug-and-play drag-and-drop convenience we offer a built-in internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology which helps safeguard your data against accidents drops and unfortunate real-life scenarios device is powered by new USB 3.0 technology. It is faster than but still is compatible with USB 2.0 technology so you’ll still be able to plug into all the pieces with USB 2.0 ports this version of the canyon basics 3.0 portable hard drive has a 1tb storage capacity but also comes in 500GB + 750 GB capacities.


The second one on the list is Samsung M3 you can save all the data in its optimum 1tb space and keep it readily accessible and it’s lightweight and compact you can easily hit this Samsung m3 portable hunters. In your hand bag or backpack and access your detailed with ease compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port you can easily connect this hard drive to your laptop or tablet and transfer data with ease and with this Samsung in 3 portable 1tb hunters you can enjoy high data security as it comes with built-in safety protection. This helps you to keep the data safe and secure during the process of automatic backups by setting up a password and also features secret zone that can encrypt data on the gadget and secure drive for worry-free data security.

Number one on the list is Seagate Expansion you can connect your computer and laptop with this Seagate Expansion desktop 2tb external hard drive it is easy to install as it does not require additional software configuration. As identified by the windows operating system and being compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 you can easily connect the external hard drive with windows laptops and computers anywhere and anytime the hard drive installed easily by plugging into two quarts. You can start saving a digital files to this hard drive within seconds of removing it from the box, you can also use the hard drive to backup your important documents and secure them effectively.