People love games weather played with a controller cards or board, there’s a ton of games we all like to play. Some of them however, are exactly the kind you want to play with your parents in the room. From games that are overly violent to sexual to just morally inappropriate, odds are we have played a few that we wouldn’t want to enjoy anywhere near our mom or dad. Many of these are just common sense.

Described as being a dating sim and public game, all-in-one, Huniepop doesn’t appear like a dangerous game to play near your parents, at first. Once the sexually explicit pictures and orgasm sounds start playing, we think things will get uncomfortable for everyone pretty fast. You see, basically the whole point of Honiepop is to solve puzzles and games in order to score with your date. Think of it like bejeweled or candy crush, just with a solid dose of adults anime-like content.


Divorce! The Game
We all know you shouldn’t play adult rated games in front of children because it may put ideas in their head. Well, we think the reverse is true of Divorce! The Game. As you can see, this card game involves everything from giving up your belongings, to fighting over the kids, to using lawyers to duke it out with your ex-spouse. Ok, there’s nothing violent or sexual here, but are you really sure you want to put any ideas into your parents heads? Just think, you and your card game could be the nudge that pushes them right over the edge.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
At first, you might be thinking that the rather dumb inclusion. After all, first-person shooters are pretty mainstream now and lots of kids play them around and even with their parents. However, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the level ‘No Russian’ could be a little bit of trouble. You see this level involves you taking part in a massacre at a Russian airport, where you and your team slaughter unarmed civilians by the Dozen. It was controversial when it first came out and given the steady stream of school, theater and other mass shootings. We think your parents might not fully approve.

Manhunt Series
Rockstar Games have a reputation for making some pretty controversial games and the Manhunt series definitely falls into that category. If you’re looking to shop your mother or get a scolding from your dad, then fire up one of these games and let them watch for a few minutes. Whether playing as a death row inmate or a mental patient, the game boils down to executing people in graphic ways. The more brutal the execution, the higher the in-game rewards. Needless to say, views games were magnet for lawsuits and negative government attention. So, we can only imagine how your parents will react.



Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
Considering this game franchise started out as primarily a volleyball game franchise, the title is a little bit misleading. After all, there is no violence in this game at all. What you do get in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is a bunch of mini games and features which all revolve around characters in bikinis. Sure you can play volleyball but you can also dress your girls up in various skimpy outfits, give them hand lines, do photoshoots of them in various locations or even have them suffer a bathing suit malfunction. Needless to say, your parents might start worrying about you if they catch you playing this.

Bumps and Grinds
Quite simply put, you do not want to play the board game in front of or anywhere near your parents. With a name like this, you might think it’s something along the lines of chutes and ladders. You couldn’t be more wrong. Something grinds is basically a drinking and stripping game. The goal is to be the last man or woman standing with their clothing still on. But hey, if you’re the kind of family who loves playing all their games together, you can’t say, we didn’t warn you.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
This RPG games the creators of South Park, basically put you inside the cartoon. As you’d expect, the humor can get kind of crass at time which could create a rather awkward moment with your parents. Sure there’s the usual profanity in sexual innuendo, but that’s just the beginning. However, if you don’t think your parents would mind seeing you dodge testicles while you battle a gnome, perform an abortion on Stan’s dad or fight off an army of Nazi zombie aborted fetuses, then go right ahead.



Mortal Kombat X
Martial arts based combat games have been around for decades. That said, Mortal Kombat raised the bar when it came to gore and controversy. Latest Mortal Kombat X, takes things to a whole new level with finish off or fatality move. You might not want to perform in front of your parents. These include ramming someone’s head into a saw, falling out their innards, chopping off their face or even taking a selfie with your mutilated foe. It’s the kind of stuff that just might make your parents call in some professional help.

Cards Against Humanity
Sure, many kids play this with their parents, but we bet there are more than a few times they wish they hadn’t. Cards Against Humanity is an over-the-top card match up game where players choose a response was seemingly harmless question or fill-in-the-blank. Of course, most of the responses are pretty over-the-top. After all, we think crafting a witty response involves references to abortion, incest, masturbation and the Holocaust, is just what you need to ensure your parents never look at you the same way again.


Grand Theft Auto V
You just knew we had to give a nod to this rockstar gem. While we could have included nearly any game in the series, GTA  deserves special mention because both the newest and most over-the-top one. Yet, there’s all the usual stuff like randomly shooting people, feeling cars, robbing stores and soliciting prostitutes. But throw in a visit to a strip club, or a round of torturing an in-game characters and we think your parents are going to want to have a little talk.

You could just obey all the laws while you play the game but what’s the fun in that? Well, those are definitely games that could create some rather awkward moments if your parents happen to be around. For ideal family video game you play csr racing 2 and use this link for your wonderful race.